About us

The Global Denim Hang was inspired by a local denim hang meet up, arranged by our fellow denim friend Alex, that had to be cancelled due to coronavirus lockdown. From this an idea began to form that grew into a global scale gathering to be held online.

We wanted to create a day for all, something we would enjoy taking part in and watching and inclusive for everyone throughout the denim community. An opportunity to join together virtually for a 24hr denim festival.

24 hours…24 speaker slots…free and live on zoom

For the first hang we set a date and the challenge was on…with limited technical skills, no budget and wanting to keep it free to all we did the only thing we could do…reached out to our denim community and were not disappointed. So many jumped on board and we were thrilled with the final line up. 

Now after our second hang we are so grateful for the support that have we have received and very thankful to all the speakers that got involved to give their time to share their experiences and knowledge with the denim community.


Ben (IG: @clobbercalm) is one of the co-founders of the Global Denim Hang. He has a huge Instagram following, which he grew through his passion for denim and vintage clothing. He is probably most known for his old store, Clobbercalm, which was an amazing space in Sheffield that stocked a wide range of respected brands. He held the very first UK Denim Hang there, with the second hosted at the Manchester Union Brewery. Clobbercalm closed its doors last year and Ben now divides his time between family, raising money for charity and helping up and coming brands. The Clobbercast, which he co-hosted with his friend Glen, is still available to listen to and is a great place to hear about the store.

Amanda (IG: @23ozindigo) is the second co-founder of the Global Denim Hang. She has worked within the denim industry for over a decade and, through her work, has travelled all over the world. She has visited factories in Bangladesh, China, Pakistan and Turkey and also showcases in the US and Japan. After a spontaneous visit to Clobbercalm, and a long chat with Ben, Amanda became closely involved with the store. Amanda now works freelance, which builds upon her passion for all things denim and indigo. She has worked on a wide range of projects including making, dyeing and designing products for a whole spectrum of customers. Outside of her work, she still works with Ben on the UK hangs and the GDH.

Hope to see you all at the upcoming hang…enjoy and spread the word.